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The Best Bits of Tumby Bay and Surrounds

Tumby Bay is a beautiful coastal township of 1200 residents, who have chosen to establish livelihoods,
raise families and retire in a safe and serene environment.
Where the ocean meets our shoreline, you will find a relaxed yet well-appointed town and district
with all the amenities and access to adventures that form pleasurable living, together with the openness
to accommodate visitors and wanderers. This is a community where peace and potential abound, and
which those who value family, friendship, fun and future are happy and proud to call their home.

Following is a list of some of the special must do activities while you visit our district.

1  Stroll along our recreational jetty steeped in history
2  Chat with a local – find out why this is such a great place to live
3  Swim with the sealions in clear, shallow, safe waters of Langton Island
4  Take your lunch and spend hours perusing around Koppio Smithy Museum
5  Catch and eat our world famous King George whiting
6  “Try Dive” with the leafy seadragons under the jetty
7  Browse the local craft shop and Skills Centre for gifts and treasures
8  Sightseeing and fishing amongst the Sir Joseph Banks Group of Islands
9  Visit the Excell Blacksmith and Engineering Museum to see how things were made in the good ol’ days
10 Tour around the country and coast via the three self drives
11 Travel the Footprints of Eyre Drive and visit Glen-forest Tourist Park
12 Fish off Tumby jetty for squid, tommies, garfish and King George whiting
13 Walk around Tumby Island and through Tumby Arch at low tide
14 Walk to the Northern point of Tumby Bay – allow 5 hours return
15 Jetty jump into clean safe waters
16 Spend time to reminisce at the Tumby Bay Museum
17 Buy fresh unshucked live oysters from Coffin Bay and Cowell – see which you prefer
18 Ramble any of our footprint free beaches, south of Tumby Bay
19 Take a day drive to Coffin Bay National Park
20 Camp at Lipson Cove for a peaceful relaxing break
21 Dig for razor fish eaten fresh or pickled in vinegar
22 Picnic or BBQ on our foreshore lawns with fresh local Eyre Peninsula seafood
23 Driving along a white sandy beach in a 4WD vehicle
24 Fishing at Second Creek for whiting, salmon and a variety of fish
25 Play with your children on the large sandbar at the Southern end of the bay

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